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  • Redefining Purpose

    I do not call myself a Content Marketer. Heck, my language skills are not that great nor have I managed to keep honing them so as to write waxing lines of prose. Most of the blogging I do on this blog, is always incidental in nature. Incidental in the sense, it’s almost always as a […]

  • Blogging and I

    This is my journey as a blogger and how this activity has helped me to improve myself. I started blogging back in 2003 when I was preparing for the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) and wanted to vent out my thoughts somewhere.

  • The Cinderella Visitor

    The Cinderella Visitor

    It’s surprising, every time I open Analytics, I learn something new about this product and I learn something new about my site … like the fact that I have to deal with Cinderella Visitors! Here is a maths problem for you. In fact if you have pored through your Google Analytics account, I am sure […]

  • Upgrading WordPress

    Upgrading WordPress

    With the Wordpress 3.3 update coming out, I decided that it was about time that I upgrade the wordpress running on our company’s website from the lowly 2.7.1 to the current version.

  • Nothing special

    I wanted to make this a special post. It’s my 400th one on the blog. However, 2 busy weeks and a sad case of writer’s block later, I decided to let myself go … where I get the inspiration, but cannot put pen to paper. Nothing is special. It’s a post, there. On the other […]

  • Criticism

    I often contribute to the team blog of the company where I work. It is fulfilling, where else can you blog at work :-) In the past two days however, the team blog … specifically my posts have come in the spotlight. By a critic … the comments are coming from a different perspective, maybe […]

  • Creating a personal blog

    Creating a personal blog

    So, a lot of us like to blog, and of course would it not be super cool if we had our own blog url and all the jazz effects at of course a minimal of a cost. Well, now we can. And even the most basic of a computer user can go ahead and have […]