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  • Are we that difficult?

    This is a rhetoric question. In the month of December, it was decided by us that the rate at which we are able to generate leads by SEM are not enough and we need to outsource this function. Obviously, my SEM team was a bit disheartened, however the demands of the business have to be […]

  • Data Highlighter by Google Webmaster

    Data Highlighter by Google Webmaster

    The Data Highlighter by Google Webmaster has launched recently, here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to use it for your site.

  • Using Bugzilla

    At Pristine, the team I am leading has a gargantuan task at hand. We are creating a custom Learning Management System (LMS) in addition with a completely overhauled new website for the international audience. This entire process of planning and detailing the products feature-wise has taken roughly 2 months, but it is well worth it.

  • Series on CRM

    Today, I sat down and started writing a post on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations and it’s failures in most organizations. The idea came to me as I was reading one of Andrew McAfee’s posts on his blog, the business Impact of IT. In case if you do not know about Andrew McAfee, you can […]

  • Using Moodle

    As a CTO of EduPristine, let me explain to you why we chose to stick to using Moodle for delivering our Video based courses to an international audience.

  • Shortcodes in WordPress

    Shortcodes in WordPress

    I love WordPress. The blogging platform is a great content management system (CMS) to run on your website. Not only as a blog, but it can host your entire site. For example, most of the info pages on Pristine are on WP. In fact over the past year or so, my team has been learning […]

  • Corrupt Administration!

    The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. – Plato In an earlier post where I was complaining about the lack of revolutionaries in the system, little did I know that in a few days I would be experiencing the wisdom of Plato first hand. We […]