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  • Webmaster rolls out new Search Console


    This has been coming for quite some time. Google Webmaster is slowly rolling out an update to the Search Console. The new search console is a much cleaner interface with most of the reports and insights hidden under multiple layers. The Dashboard The new Search Console dashboard is much more simpler now, with just three […]

  • Upgrading WordPress

    With the Wordpress 3.3 update coming out, I decided that it was about time that I upgrade the wordpress running on our company’s website from the lowly 2.7.1 to the current version.

  • The Blue Nothing Digest

    The internet is virtually an infinite source of inspiration, great news, stupidity and entertainment. I thought that I might share some gems which are either relevant to me, or which I think you might find interesting. It’s been a month that I have been a father of two, oh, we are going to name him […]

  • Father of Two

    Happy to say that I am now a father of two kids. A smart angel of a daughter, and now blessed with a son. Hope he takes on his elder sisters footsteps!!