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  • Building your Custom Connector on Google Data Studio

    Building your Custom Connector on Google Data Studio

    If you love Google Data Studio, then it is a given that you would want to connect your dataset to this and create some awesome looking dashboards. Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can build your own custom connector to do this.

  • Data, Reporting and doing what’s right

    Data, Reporting and doing what’s right

    Data is being used to showcase that vaue has been generated. In order to do this, the most beautiful reports have to be eeked out. Now if you are a follower of Avinash Kaushik and don’t like data pukes, then you would be aghast at some of the reports that agencies in India tend to […]

  • Data the new Oil

    Data the new Oil

    Any analysis team would work day and night to justify the reason for their being. There are enough articles being shared on the internet on arriving at a Return on Investment for Analytics (RoIA). However, the main service that any of these teams did was to crunch business data into A-has. This hasn’t changed over […]

  • 🎯 Why You Need to Stop Tracking These 5 Metrics

    This article was written as part of the SEMrush Big Blogging Contest. One of the things that going digital does to any brand, is that it suddenly gives access to a lot of data. Data, that opens up a world of possibilities. Possibilities which had not earlier been anticipated or even thought of. Somehow, it […]

  • Blind spots in Analytics

    April 10, 2018. Dark social, even though we can’t see it or know what it is, is here. And we should fear it. via Dark Social is Dangerous — Gareth Roberts Read through the post, and realized that the title is a bit off. It’s not that Social Media is sending some dangerous traffic, but that […]

  • More information about Samara Oblast

    More information about Samara Oblast

    I had blogged about getting traffic through bots leaving referral signatures, and it seemed as if the whole internet saw this happening on their sites. After I blogged this post, Moz.com came out with suggestions on putting filters on Google Analytics to clear our your analytics data.

  • Thoughts on Social Media

    Thoughts on Social Media

    I wrote this note out for a discussion on Social Media sites and how their relationship with publishers has evolved over a period of time. It goes to show that too much of reliance on any one channel may not be such a good thing after all! Can we as digital marketers and analysts create […]