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  • My first Ionic App

    The couple of Phonegap apps that I worked on, things were too messed up. Is it Phonegap or is it Cordova? Do I build locally or do I used Phonegap Build? Using jQuery Mobile, which event happens first – device ready or jquery ready? Why is this too slow? There were times, when I felt […]

  • Who really owns the code?

    At 13 Llama Studio, we have no qualms of handing over the code base and giving away the ownership of the code to the client. The way I figure it is this – Since most of the work we do is based on derivative works under the GPL license, the source code by default needs […]

  • Dell Laptop Prices – Laptops That Offer Powerful Performance at a Reasonable Price


    First came computers, the big giant ones that occupied a whole room; too much for an individual. Then came those mini desktops that were only to be found in work premises for extremely crucial work. Slowly the trend changed, technology improved, therefore reducing the size and they were welcomed into our homes. In the last […]

  • Rise of the App Economy

    As a technical architect and a start-up enthusiast, part of my work is consulting organizations on how to go about implementing and monetizing their ideas. The past decade’s experience of working in this field, as well as having successfully built the product and development teams of two start-ups (which secured VC fundings) ensures that a […]

  • Taking WordPress to Scale

    How to scale up your WordPress installation to handle a lot of traffic.

  • Food for Thought: Part Three

    Desperately trying to keep this series to a one a month affair, so that my blog does not look like a link farm … eep! I am even afraid to type that … but I have to say this .. I don’t want my blog to end up being a link farm. There I said […]

  • Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

    Every technology that is embraced by the world goes through a process of adoption. Gartner instituted this as the hype cycle. What is the Hype Cycle? The hype cycle talks about how any technology goes through the process of being talked about, being heralded, being written off and finally being adopted in mainstream businesses. The […]