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  • What is Success?

    This post was first published as part of a Publication on Medium, called Pause. If you like this one and want more such articles which make you stop and think for a moment, then definitely follow it on Medium.

  • We become what we measure

    This is as much a post on Analytics as one on Design. It is about how an organization can design to be better at what it does by choosing the right measures of success. This in itself gives me a high, because it’s a personal insight.

  • An interesting perspective to Technology

    We take an interesting perspective to Technology where we look at it not only as an enabler, but as a catalyst of social change.

  • Co-operation in Capitalism

    If I have ever met you in person (or if you have frequented this blog for some time now) then you would know that I often extoll the virtues of the selfishness citing Ms. Rand and her essays on Capitalism. In fact I at one time have had a heart to heart conversation with the […]

  • GoI and Careers

    When talking with some colleagues at work, I realized that they are working on a supposedly ambitious project – to categorize all the possible jobs and opportunities for people in India. It struck me that this has already been done by the U.S. Labor department; and very well executed at that. In fact that site […]

  • The Difference in Perspective


    I do not consider myself as a blind person. He said this as a matter of fact. I have seen the U.S. Open, I have seen the Wimbledon, I like to see movies … I do not know why people think that a blind person will not enjoy all these things. The operative word is […]

  • 1984 to 2010


    We are in the process of formalizing our IT and Electronic Access Policies. In this process, often the team drafting the initial proposal finds it pretty easy to switch to the Orwellian mode of 1984, wherein Big Brother is always watching. Although the intent of these people often stems from the fact that they desire […]