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  • Solving the problem of Discovery

    The real problem that Google solves, is the problem of availability. When you have a problem and are searching for the solution, Google provides you with a list of most likely content that can address the problem. The problem is created by information asymmetry. You just don’t know and are willing to try out or […]

  • Thoughts on Social Media

    Social Media

    I wrote this note out for a discussion on Social Media sites and how their relationship with publishers has evolved over a period of time. It goes to show that too much of reliance on any one channel may not be such a good thing after all! Can we as digital marketers and analysts create […]

  • Using Google Analytics to Power your Content Marketing Efforts

    Content Velocity Experiment in Google Analytics

    Three Google Analytics reports which will rock your Content Marketing efforts. Use these reports to check if your content marketing is working for you.

  • Metagraphic: An Infographic on how to make an Infographic

  • Google Webmaster Tools says No to Flash

    Mobile usability GWMT Flash

    Every day I make it a point to go through the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data of this blog. The reason I do this is because daily monitoring the site’s data helps me quickly spot interesting usage behaviors in the site.

  • Correctly using the Read More tag

    Read More tag

    As a blogger who has been writing for the past 5 years or so, I was always confused about the Read More tag. This is a tag that you will find in your WordPress editor besides the Toolbar Toggle button. Why would one want to insert their content with this tag? Wouldn’t it fill up […]

  • Blogging and I

    This is my journey as a blogger and how this activity has helped me to improve myself. I started blogging back in 2003 when I was preparing for the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) and wanted to vent out my thoughts somewhere.