Why the Big Fat Geek?

Had I written only about Games, then it would have been Big Fat Gamer. This is an epic name if you are into FPS’es and wan’t to pay a homage to Doom (BFG, duh!).

My gaming days are quite past me and these days I entertain myself with technology and solving business problems on the web. I used play for an occasional hour or two … but that’s it.

I have taken a liking to Web Analytics and these days I write about traffic generation and monetization on the Web.

What to expect on my Blog

I keep meandering between games, technology, thoughts and marketing on this blog. At different points in time I have shifted the purpose of this blog as well … starting from 2003, when I was using blogs as a note taking utility for CAT preparation (don’t worry that blog is long dead – hat tip to RediffBlogs).

At this juncture, the blog posts are my notes … on various things.

Contacting Me

If you wish to know my academic or professional background, here’s my LinkedIn Profile.

You can email me at prasad dot ajinkya at gmail dot com or give me a buzz at +91 75067 28955

18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Request you to add ‘Follow my Blog’ gadget to the site.
    Much easier to follow the link compared to a feed.

  2. Request you to add ‘Follow my Blog’ gadget to the site.
    Much easier to follow the link compared to a feed.

  3. Hi,

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    Amandeep singh

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