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  • AMP and Advertising

    Mobile Content

    This blog is a modest small-tier blog. It does not get too much traffic (much to my chagrin) and therefore expecting the blog to monetize is too much. However, I have steadily written my thoughts and opinions on this … for the past 7-8 years now. Looking at such a long time range allows me […]

  • Are we over zealous on Remarketing?

    One of the major shifts in online advertising that I have observed recently is the rampant use of re-marketing campaigns of late. What are remarketing campaigns? I like to think of remarketing campaigns in the form of a popular ad campaign that Vodafone (then Hutch) ran in India. This brilliant ad campaign that was run […]

  • Google launches Machine Learning for AdSense

    Google AdSense has been around for more than a decade and a half now, this along with DoubleClick for Publishers allows website owners to monetize their traffic. One of the key challenges in this was to figure out the optimum ad placements without impacting readability and user experience of the site. This trade-off that the […]

  • Enlightenment at 60% Discount

    I did not realize that it can be bought, and that too at a 60% Discount.  

  • Bilkul Pakka ads by Flipkart are brilliant

    The Bilkul Pakka ad campaign that was launched by Flipkart is a great way to get users to adopt to e-commerce.

  • Responsibility and Liberty in Advertisements

    Airtel recently (March 2016) launched a series of Television Commercials (TVCs) bringing out the benefits of it’s 4G network. This followed by a slew of Ads featuring the Airtel 4G Girl (if you don’t know who, then Google this). So now, apart from claiming a lifetime of free telephone bills (I don’t know how many […]

  • Creating a Kickass Campaign #LikeAGirl

    At a recent meeting where the think tank team of a large organization were talking about branding, I got to attend an extremely riveting talk by an ex-Ogilvy guy on his thoughts on branding.