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  • Bilkul Pakka ads by Flipkart are brilliant

    The Bilkul Pakka ad campaign that was launched by Flipkart is a great way to get users to adopt to e-commerce.

  • Dell Laptop Prices – Laptops That Offer Powerful Performance at a Reasonable Price

    Dell Laptop Prices – Laptops That Offer Powerful Performance at a Reasonable Price

    First came computers, the big giant ones that occupied a whole room; too much for an individual. Then came those mini desktops that were only to be found in work premises for extremely crucial work. Slowly the trend changed, technology improved, therefore reducing the size and they were welcomed into our homes. In the last […]

  • Why to use GOSF Coupons

    Why to use GOSF Coupons

    Great Online Shopping Festival is an exciting event; it is a Mecca for online shopping lovers. The GOSF 2014 is scheduled to start from 10th and better than the previous two edition. If you have been waiting to go on a shopping spree, wait till the festival begins and use the GOSF coupons for shopping. […]

  • Rise of Social Media in E-commerce

    If you have an e-commerce start-up and are just starting your marketing outreach program, then this is a great infographic which can be of help. Social Media can be used by organizations for ATL activities such as branding and for BTL activities such as promotions. The visual and witty element inherent in social media helps […]

  • Discount Sites driving Business

    Discount Sites driving Business

    I am a big fan of e-commerce and Indian e-commerce especially. Having worked in the web development field for more than a decade, and having seen multiple start-ups in the e-commerce and e-learning domains, I love the fact that this industry is still booming. What drives this is simple retail sales. The sheer number of […]

  • Jinx’s awesome service

    I have always been a fan of Diablo, and even better cool Diablo T-shirts that I can wear at work. Jinx, is one of the few online e-commerce fronts which provides such products. This is the story of their service, and what makes this entire event worth mentioning! Prelude It was the 6th of June, […]

  • 48craft.com

    This is an open letter to all of you. It’s a bit personal and the subject at hand is very close to my heart. It’s about start-ups and seeing a company slowly bleed its way, somehow so stuck in day to day operations that we cannot immediately stop the bleeding and start the recuperation process. […]