Bilkul Pakka ads by Flipkart are brilliant

India has the second largest online population (at 354 million), beating that of the United States (at 266 million). We are still miles to go from China’s 650 million.

However, with the largest population based in the world, and with the highest rate of Internet penetration in the developing countries, India is seen by many online businesses as the geography to target.

There are the naysayers and folks who debunk the entire populace as freebie seekers and saying that thirld world economies are not there yet. However, when it comes to e-commerce, India clearly has shown great traction.

E-Commerce in India

There are umpteen articles on this, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia –

By 2020, India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue out of which $35 billion will be through fashion e-commerce. Online apparel sales are set to grow four times in coming years.

Like all sectors, e-commerce saw multiple players launching their own portals and consolidations happened. Some giants prospered, some giants fell down … eventually when the dust settled, we had 3 clear winners who are left standing … Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

In my opinion, I’d hold Flipkart and Amazon on the same par, and Snapdeal just a bit below them. Primarily, this is because the kind of feedback I have seen online and from friends about Snapdeal is questionable.

Quality of Goods as an issue

Two of the most common problems that I have seen with Snapdeal are quality of goods that are shipped are totally different than the ones which are listed on the site.

Similarily, goods once bought are extremely difficult to return. I’d say that the easy returns is a major hassle in all online businesses.

To address this issue, Flipkart has launched a series of ads, and they are absolutely brilliant!

Bilkul Pakka Ad #1 – Original Products

It’s a simple narrative between the patient and the doctor. The good doctor is admiring the patient’s shoes. The patient recommends the Flipkart app, the doctor expresses concern about original products.

The way the patient addresses the concern by saying next time injection laga dena is so spot on. How many patients offer to take this on their own volition?

Do watch this ad till the end, I love the way the doctor smiles at the end :)

Bilkul Pakka Ad #2 – Easy Returns

Amol Palekar features in this ad, as the boss who is worried about returning an annirversary gift to his wife. The Executive Assistant puts his job appraisal on the line on Flipkart’s easy return policy.

Service Benefits to Emotional benefits

What Flipkart has done with both these ads is highlight specific benefits that Flipkart provides.

However, they go one step further by showing the high level of assurance that the individual (patient in one case, the EA in the other) have in Flipkart’s service.

Not only have they highlighted the service benefits, but also the emotional benefits of having a hassle free shopping experience.

I am not a major fan of films, however both the ads seem to be shot and produced in such a fantastic way that you have to give credence to team. Right from casting the innocent looking Namit Das to the usage of nuances (see both the ads to understand what I mean here).

Overall, a great creative campaign by Lowe Lintas Bangalore team.

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