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  • Blind spots in Analytics

    April 10, 2018. Dark social, even though we can’t see it or know what it is, is here. And we should fear it. via Dark Social is Dangerous — Gareth Roberts Read through the post, and realized that the title is a bit off. It’s not that Social Media is sending some dangerous traffic, but that […]

  • Thoughts on Social Media

    Thoughts on Social Media

    I wrote this note out for a discussion on Social Media sites and how their relationship with publishers has evolved over a period of time. It goes to show that too much of reliance on any one channel may not be such a good thing after all! Can we as digital marketers and analysts create […]

  • Is there a point to Social Media Management?

    Life is short. It is time to point out an ugly truth, and to be the brave person that you are, the intelligent rational assessor of reality that you are, and kill all the organic social media activity by your company. All of it. Seems radical, but let’s take it one step at a time.… via […]

  • Rise of Social Media in E-commerce

    If you have an e-commerce start-up and are just starting your marketing outreach program, then this is a great infographic which can be of help. Social Media can be used by organizations for ATL activities such as branding and for BTL activities such as promotions. The visual and witty element inherent in social media helps […]

  • What makes the Perfect Post on Social Platforms?

    What makes the Perfect Post on Social Platforms?

    We take a look at what makes the Perfect Posts On Social Platforms and use an infographic to illustrate the basics of Social Media.

  • Google Plus banned my Profile

    I am trying to develop a regular rapport with this Google+ since I believe that over a period of time, this will affect in a big way on how search results are displayed to users. I do not have definitive stats which indicate that a person in higher number of circles result in higher SERPs, […]

  • New social network on the block So.cl

    New social network on the block So.cl

    On 2nd Feb 2012, I received a mail from FUSE Labs. It was about Microsoft Research team’s new experiment. Happy to get a beta invite, I jumped on-board – it was 7am early in the morning when I had decided to check my mail. I got so absorbed checking out the site that I hardly […]