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  • Reduction in Stamp Duty rates

    Stamp duty in Maharashtra

    In a move to bolster real estate sales, the Maharashtra government has announced a reduction in stamp duty rates of up to 2-3% .As a new home buyer, this is an opinionated piece and somewhat of a warped perspective.

  • Thoughts on Net Neutrality and TRAI’s Regulatory Framework Proposal

    On 27th March 2015, TRAI has released a Consultation Paper proposing a regulatory framework for Over The Top (OTT) services.

  • Google Plus banned my Profile

    I am trying to develop a regular rapport with this Google+ since I believe that over a period of time, this will affect in a big way on how search results are displayed to users. I do not have definitive stats which indicate that a person in higher number of circles result in higher SERPs, […]

  • RBI and the poppycock it calls vision

    Got to see a peek at the IT Vision document of Reserve Bank of India, thanks to a tweet by a friend. Go ahead, read it, I am not going anywhere. I will save you the effort though, I can summarize it in one word. Hogwash. In more colloquial terms, Bullshit. There cannot be a […]

  • 1984 to 2010


    We are in the process of formalizing our IT and Electronic Access Policies. In this process, often the team drafting the initial proposal finds it pretty easy to switch to the Orwellian mode of 1984, wherein Big Brother is always watching. Although the intent of these people often stems from the fact that they desire […]