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Peerindex, Klout Beware!

People who are in Social Media would already know of influence monitoring tools such as Klout, Peerindex, and Rapportive. I started using Klout the minute I discovered it using the Rapportive add-on for Firefox. Measuring and monitoring your klout score seemed cool. Soon after that I chanced on Peerindex as well. The approaches employed by […]

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LIONs are whores

Scratch that picture of a feline with cheap make-up and gaudy mane!! I mean the new style of declaring yourself as a LION (Largest Internet Open Networker) on LinkedIn to say that you are open to connect with one and all. In other words, you are connecting promiscuously – a connection whore. I am not […]

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Targeting your blog’s content

It’s a thought experiment that I would want to share with you all – Divide the blog’s content into content which I want to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc Tag the posts accordingly Create separate feeds for each tag Sync the right feeds with the right media That way, intended audiences could be targeted […]

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Social Media

Yesterday, I attended Startup Saturday … the theme was Social Media and how it can be leveraged by start-ups effectively. Some of my key learning – Online marketing does not replace offline marketing efforts, and vice versa. If you are planning a huge effort in one media, do not ignore the other The best way […]