Google Plus banned my Profile

I am trying to develop a regular rapport with this Google+ since I believe that over a period of time, this will affect in a big way on how search results are displayed to users. I do not have definitive stats which indicate that a person in higher number of circles result in higher SERPs, but this is a gut feel and more on that later. Visiting Google+ and engaging on the social network is part of my daily agenda. If you are a blogger, you should try it out some time.

However, when I logged onto Google+, this is what I saw on the top of my screen

Google+ ban

So I did what any normal person would do.

I raged. Then I calmed down and tried to reason with the system as to why this could be the case. After reading through the myriad of support articles that were linked in the notifications, the only action one could do was delete all content that I had submitted and submit the profile for review.

Google Suspension

After submitting my profile and waiting for a day, the good folks at Google decided that my profile was still violating some of their policies.

As a user, it would have been great if they could clearly point that out, however much to my chagrin there has been no actionable point from Google. Big Brother wants to disable my profile and that’s the way it would stay. An automated system is a good thing, but an iron wall is bad … I cannot even question why my account was suspended … the two documents that suggest probable reasons are Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy and Name Policy.

The former suggests that I have uploaded some content which could be hate comment, spam, …. the later suggests that my name does not seem genuine. I don’t know which allegation is more disturbing. I would love to contest these allegations, but there is no committee with whom I can take this up with … there is simply a red notification about the ban.

I have always been a Google Fan-boy, perhaps I still am, but this system makes me question their approach at trying to launch a social network. If you are spurning away your active users, how do you propose to get more users to stick to your social network?

  • Google is working on eliminating fake profiles but you can appeal the suspension and get your profile reinstated……..

    • Sandeep, I tried getting it re-instated, however that appeal was rejected. This is the profile I am using with my gmail account.

  • aniruddha

    interesting to read that. seems so foolish on part of google to not be able to detect genuine from false

    • Well, extreme policing on the network is the cause of this.

  • Did this ever get sorted?
    I have found whenever I am logged on a blog with google+ it will never take my comments.
    Google+ sounded good in theory but I never liked the atmosphere after I was in. It always had a corporate “intranet” feel – not very flexible or friendly IMO.

    • Yes. I finally had to delete all my content and it got sorted out!

  • That’s how it is with Google. They’ll just ban you or drop you from their search indexes without notice. Unless Google gets a tough competitor, they’ll be like that.

    • The only competition they have is Bing. And Bing is Not Google! I still have faith in Google though, with their Do no Evil mantra.