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  • Technology is not a silver bullet

    Technology is not a silver bullet

    As someone who has led the technology function in multiple start-ups, sometimes as a founder, sometimes as a consultant (a consulting CTO), one of the key learnings that I have seen is that whenever technology is viewed as a silver bullet to all the problems of the business, then that start-up is bound to face […]

  • An interesting perspective to Technology

    We take an interesting perspective to Technology where we look at it not only as an enabler, but as a catalyst of social change.

  • Mumbai Rain, the Driver’s Pain

    While the Twitter world went abuzz with the Mumbai Rains, I was not seeing the big deal with rains. So what? Then I went to my car on my drive back to home. Potholes are not visible, you have to look for them and differentiate the pot holes from shallow puddles The car is slow […]

  • Life as a Lane

    Life as a Lane

    I have taken naturally to car philosophy. As I sat behind the wheel one fine evening, this thought came into my mind. That life could be interpreted as a long driving lane with a series of traffic signals, twists and turns, short cuts, the entire works. Some people rest at traffic signals, while others seem […]

  • The Difference in Perspective

    The Difference in Perspective

    I do not consider myself as a blind person. He said this as a matter of fact. I have seen the U.S. Open, I have seen the Wimbledon, I like to see movies … I do not know why people think that a blind person will not enjoy all these things. The operative word is […]

  • LIONs are whores

    Scratch that picture of a feline with cheap make-up and gaudy mane!! I mean the new style of declaring yourself as a LION (Largest Internet Open Networker) on LinkedIn to say that you are open to connect with one and all. In other words, you are connecting promiscuously – a connection whore. I am not […]