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  • Marketing for India2

    Marketing for India2

    As someone who has been in the area of Digital marketing for the past few years (close to a decade now), it’s interesting to note and see how it has evolved. Right from the open market economics that AdWords grew upon to the game theory dynamics of Search Engine Optimisation, the way the entire industry […]

  • Technology is not a silver bullet

    Technology is not a silver bullet

    As someone who has led the technology function in multiple start-ups, sometimes as a founder, sometimes as a consultant (a consulting CTO), one of the key learnings that I have seen is that whenever technology is viewed as a silver bullet to all the problems of the business, then that start-up is bound to face […]

  • My plunge into Start-ups

    My plunge into Start-ups

    This brilliant Ad about how Housing created it’s logo takes me back by almost a decade. The video itself has a nice peppy feel to it, and then there is hope … hope and enthusiasm of starting something afresh.