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  • LinkedIn starts Career Advice and Mentorship services

    As far as visiting Social Media sites is concerned, I have slowly veered off Facebook and Twitter and gravitated towards LinkedIn and Medium. One of the interesting features that I noticed LinkedIn launch, is its Career Advice services. I am attaching a screenshot of what I saw, this was a promoted post that I saw […]

  • What Women Want

    What Women Want

    De-mystifying the minds of women and finding out what women want. A survey from LinkedIn shows us the answer!

  • LinkedIn Passwords Leaked

    LinkedIn Passwords Leaked

    Some of you might have read earlier this month about LinkedIn passwords being leaked. I did not think twice about such things dismissing the entire event as a minor leak and thinking that it would not have impacted my account. Today, sitting there like a shining beacon of I-told-you-so, was a mail from LinkedIn – […]

  • LIONs are whores

    Scratch that picture of a feline with cheap make-up and gaudy mane!! I mean the new style of declaring yourself as a LION (Largest Internet Open Networker) on LinkedIn to say that you are open to connect with one and all. In other words, you are connecting promiscuously – a connection whore. I am not […]