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  • Move on

    Move on

    I still remember that day in 2007. It was the 17th of September. It was evening and I was stuck at the airport, waiting for my delayed flight at Hyderabad; making one of the biggest decisions of my life. I had been offered a meaty role in a start-up firm, and internally had decided to […]

  • What’s your ideal?

    I had written about Purpose and also how Perspective can be used to change the society, well … what does one do if one has neither? I did not have an answer for that now … if a person is devoid of both, then is his life a wasted time? Does he not achieve fulfillment?? […]

  • United WE stand

    United WE stand

    What brings a community together? What really binds the members of the community? Two things: Pride and Fear. Perhaps, a third – a shared purpose.

  • 3 idiots & i-become

    3 idiots & i-become

    I read Chetan Bhagat’s novel, enjoyed it … but sadly the book lacked a certain message. It’s either that or it’s been 3 years and I dont remember the book very well. 3 idiots is a stark contrast. The basic plot is the same, but once you go in the details, both the stories are […]

  • Nirvana or Selfishness?

    At a common friend’s wedding, a friend and I had an interesting discussion on nirvana. The discussion started from the idea of how does one go about becoming inside-out. Prompt came the answer from him, that one should not take external factors into consideration. One should act because one wants to and not because it […]

  • Godfather: A Collaborative framework

    If you have read Mario Puzo’s Godfather, then there is a lesson to be learnt on Knowledge Management. Don Corleone knew the best methods of collaboration. One of the first scenes in the book is when a pall bearer comes to the Don with his problem. The Don welcomes him with open arms, and listens […]

  • Web 4.0: The Enabling Web

    Web 4.0: The Enabling Web

    Forgive me, this post is going to be a long one. In the brief span of its existence, the web has evolved at such an alarming rate, that it outstrips evolution of any living organism. Even as Indian web users and web development companies are creating (and using) Web 2.0 platforms, the more developed nations […]