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  • Independent thought

    Independent thought

    This post by Seth Godin made me think. People are just begging to be told what to do. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I think the biggest one is: “If you tell me what to do, the responsibility for the outcome is yours, not mine. I’m safe.” Whenever you are working […]

  • Godfather: A Collaborative framework

    If you have read Mario Puzo’s Godfather, then there is a lesson to be learnt on Knowledge Management. Don Corleone knew the best methods of collaboration. One of the first scenes in the book is when a pall bearer comes to the Don with his problem. The Don welcomes him with open arms, and listens […]

  • Wiki as a KM Tool

    In my past 3 months at Illumine (which is a Knowledge Lab), one of the first thing that struck me was their emphasis on models. More importantly knowledge models … instead of focusing on how the knowledge flowing in the system (which what most of the KM tools focus on), the company focused on the […]