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  • Web 4.0: The Enabling Web

    Web 4.0: The Enabling Web

    Forgive me, this post is going to be a long one. In the brief span of its existence, the web has evolved at such an alarming rate, that it outstrips evolution of any living organism. Even as Indian web users and web development companies are creating (and using) Web 2.0 platforms, the more developed nations […]

  • LK Advani does an Obama!!

    I am trying my hand with Google Adsense again. Something always interesting comes out of these ads, trust me. This time around, one of the first ads I saw on the blog was of our very own beloved LK Advaniji. I am sure most the net-aware citizens would already be knowing of this, but still […]

  • I deleted iexplore.exe

    Funny, I had not talked about Google Chrome uptil now. I still won’t rave about it, since I prefer Firefox over Chrome. Tried it, uninstalled it. End of story. But with the recent launch of this browser, people are now forced to relook at their choice of browser. I hope this helps informed users take […]

  • Technology Hype Cycle

    For the uninitiated, please read more dope on the Hype Cycle. Just came across this diagram, I thought that I might share this with you :) What I would like to highlight here is that, Web 2.0 is going to go for mainstream adoption within the next 2 years (assuming that Gartner has done their […]

  • Bandwidth

    The fastest I have surfed is when I was alone on the campus (during a brief stay in summers) at Planet-I. It was a glorious 2mbps speed. And it rocked! All you want at a click of a button. Even when the campus was in full swing, with 300 odd participants surfing the internet, the […]