What’s your ideal?

I had written about Purpose and also how Perspective can be used to change the society, well … what does one do if one has neither? I did not have an answer for that now … if a person is devoid of both, then is his life a wasted time? Does he not achieve fulfillment??

Today, I get to throw one more term in this quagmire of confusion. If one has neither, then one need not worry … one simply needs to choose an ideal and uphold it. Simple. Pick an ideal of your choice, and live by it. I know its an axiomatic way of life, but imagine a world without living by any ideals.

Without an ideal, one may not know what is good or what is bad (think about this before you dismiss it). We talk about work-life balance … well, we choose work because we have career success as an ideal, we choose life because we choose being a good son as an ideal (or a good husband, a good father … the list goes on). \

The best part is that, there are no rules once you choose an ideal and live by it. Choice making is easier. I know a friend who lives by integrity as an ideal. Even if her job depends on it, she will choose to go take the path of integrity.

So what’s yours?

4 thoughts on “What’s your ideal?”

  1. I thought career success was goal, and Ideal is a one of the components which contribute to it. This post has made the difference further bleak for me .
    Or is it that you are taking the Ideal a level higher ?
    For me, Ideal is maintaining respect. For others and mine.That actually drives most of the decisions I make.

  2. Ideals; ‘sometimes they work out more for you and and on ocassions you give-in more for them’.

    Commitment in one of my ideals, if I make one then come-what may I will not back out. I can safely say whatever worth I am today is because I started my career by making one and so far have been able to stick by it.

    It also says a lot about those for/with whom you make them- afterall you asses, judge, analyse and then go for one.

    1. @Durga – The ideal I am talking about can be contexted in terms of careers, then fulfillment could be the ideal. Sorry for confusing you though :-), the ideals part can be applied to a mode of living in general.
      @Pallavi – I hope you mean assess :-D … but yes, commitment is your ideal … purpose is mine :-)

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