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  • Value of copy

    Copy as in the written text. Often organizations do not realize how important a properly worded message can be. If the communications department does a muck-up of the job, then the intended audience misinterprets the messaging. At work, we were discussing the entire content cleaning and re-wording of our marketing communications. Anyone who has been […]

  • Self-Esteem v/s Employability

    Self-Esteem v/s Employability

    While at work today, an interesting discussion cropped up. Whether there is any correlation between Employability and Self-Esteem. Although a lot of work has been done on these two topics independently, I could hardly come up with anything which tied these two together. Interestingly, many firms have tried to come up with Employability Index and […]

  • 3 idiots & i-become

    3 idiots & i-become

    I read Chetan Bhagat’s novel, enjoyed it … but sadly the book lacked a certain message. It’s either that or it’s been 3 years and I dont remember the book very well. 3 idiots is a stark contrast. The basic plot is the same, but once you go in the details, both the stories are […]