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  • Ganpati celebrations and Community

    I am all for a bunch of people celebrating a festival. Don’t get me wrong. However, amidst these celebrations (and some of these are at massive scale), is the main point lost?

  • On Being Trolled and 66A

    On Being Trolled and 66A

    Everybody who is on the internet has probably heard of this term. Trolls or being trolled is fairly common. In fact there are sites such as 4chan where the sole purpose of the community is to troll on different activities. Reddit is also one such community, where a lot of users are actively trolling and […]

  • Capitalism


    Some time back I was reading a collection of essays by Ayn Rand, ‘twas titled Capitalism: The unknown ideal. I was foolhardy enough to put my status message as so on a professional networking site (LinkedIn). A friend of mine commented on that saying – let me know how to ameliorate the fact that capitalism […]

  • United WE stand

    United WE stand

    What brings a community together? What really binds the members of the community? Two things: Pride and Fear. Perhaps, a third – a shared purpose.