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  • Is the current Education System relevant?

    Today, I attended my son’s annual day celebrations. He is 3 years old. Part of the celebrations included him and his classmates performing on stage. Seeing him dance and wave his hands in the air on the stage reminded me of my first stage performance.

  • My plunge into Start-ups

    This brilliant Ad about how Housing created it’s logo takes me back by almost a decade. The video itself has a nice peppy feel to it, and then there is hope … hope and enthusiasm of starting something afresh.

  • Why use LinkedIn

    This is more of a recollection of my learnings than anything else, people can share their learnings and I promise to grow this space. Targeted resume submissions – Find the organization you want to apply to, go find folks in your network who work for  that organization. Use their referrals to get your resume the […]

  • Gartner Hype Cycle 2009

    I first came across the Hype Cycle in 2008, immediately, I posted about it here. Back then, the Web 2.0 and SOA was considered to be a market failure. Everyone who was anyone in the web development arena was claiming to create “Web 2-point-oh” applications, without knowing what that term meant. I know about an […]

  • Zoozoo!

    Buzz behind Zoozoos – Everyone is talking about Zoozoo these days. Even me for that matter!! And you know what this is creating my friends? Its creating a buzz … a buzz unlike any other in the market these days. People love it, people hate it … but people definitely talk about it. Vodafone has […]

  • What does he do for a living?

    Since the day I got into an engineering college, my mother has been proudly saying “Majha mulga computer engineer ahe!” . I used to get amused by her pride, and it still makes me smile that she is happy for me (love you Aai :-) ). As days went by and I graduated to become […]

  • It pains me to see this. So True!