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  • Gartner Hype Cycle 2009

    Gartner Hype Cycle 2009

    I first came across the Hype Cycle in 2008, immediately, I posted about it here. Back then, the Web 2.0 and SOA was considered to be a market failure. Everyone who was anyone in the web development arena was claiming to create “Web 2-point-oh” applications, without knowing what that term meant. I know about an […]

  • Then and Now

    My first job was in IRIS, in the year 2002. I loved my job. I had joined with seven other software engineers. We bonded really well together. We used to work on different projects, but lunched together … discussed problems, solved them … and generally helped each other out. Life was good, life was beautiful. […]

  • Idea – Adapting or Confusing?

    You must have seen those ads – “What an Idea! Sirji!!” of Abhishek Bachhan and how having a generic phone number ensures that all problems due to differences in caste, sect, religion are removed. Novel way to target and position yourself to the masses indeed. Come to the streets of Mumbai, there you see a […]

  • Technology Hype Cycle

    For the uninitiated, please read more dope on the Hype Cycle. Just came across this diagram, I thought that I might share this with you :) What I would like to highlight here is that, Web 2.0 is going to go for mainstream adoption within the next 2 years (assuming that Gartner has done their […]

  • Knowledge Value Cycle

    I was reading a friend’s blog about how he has decided to have a mission for his blog. Immediately in the comments, I put in that along with a mission, one should also have a vision to know where the mission is going. Now, while suggesting a good looking and smart sounding mission and vision, […]