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  • 🎯 Why You Need to Stop Tracking These 5 Metrics

    This article was written as part of the SEMrush Big Blogging Contest. One of the things that going digital does to any brand, is that it suddenly gives access to a lot of data. Data, that opens up a world of possibilities. Possibilities which had not earlier been anticipated or even thought of. Somehow, it […]

  • Shifting to _utmz to _ga

    Shifting to _utmz to _ga

    Some years back I had written about the __utmz cookie that Google Analytics uses to identify source attribution for visitors. If you are interested in reading that post, click here on Understanding the __utmz cookie. Google evolves beyond Urchin Google Analytics is based on the Urchin tracking management system and has been improving on that […]

  • Taking a look at Jetpack Stats

    Taking a look at Jetpack Stats

    Let me state upfront that I love Google Analytics. I use it at work in 13 Llama Interactive to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns that my team runs. That being said, I will try and not be too biased about comparing Jetpack Stats to Google Analytics. As a marketer, the way I look at […]

  • Happy New Year 2016!

    This has been a fairly busy year … for the Ajinkya’s and for the Llamas!

  • A new player in Referral Bots – social-buttons.com

    A new player in Referral Bots – social-buttons.com

    Some months back, I noticed a trend in the Google Analytics data of all the sites I monitor. It was Referral Bots leaving behind a spammy domain with the hopes of the webmaster will visit that domain out of curiosity. I wrote about this Black Hat tactic of Referral Bots as well.

  • 5 Ways to use Audience Interests in Google Analytics

    5 Ways to use Audience Interests in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics updated their UI and offered a new feature for all the free users. This lets a site owner see the interests of the site’s audience. What this means, is that from now on you can actually track what kind of an audience is viewing your site, and what kind of content are they […]

  • Hacking your Alexa Ranking

    Hacking your Alexa Ranking

    In case if you are working in any web related business based in India, then you would be aware of Alexa. The site which maintains website rankings by traffic. These numbers are indicative, however some people rely on them so much so that they look at a definitive way of increasing the rankings only … […]