Technology Hype Cycle


For the uninitiated, please read more dope on the Hype Cycle.

Just came across this diagram, I thought that I might share this with you :)

What I would like to highlight here is that, Web 2.0 is going to go for mainstream adoption within the next 2 years (assuming that Gartner has done their homework), and it is about to hit the Trough of Disillusionment.

Are we to see another dotcom bust?

PS – Advice for freshers about to choose their careers, go towards ERP, EAI, BI side … or towards storage and hardware side.

5 thoughts on “Technology Hype Cycle”

  1. hmmmm….
    sir i needed a suggestion if u don’t mind…i am in 4th yr of engg now ..and i got selected for iflex and infy..
    wat kind of work should i expct..??
    and what do u sgst me for my job and all??
    hwz the company…??
    where else should i try…??

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