Idea – Adapting or Confusing?

abhishek-bachchan-and-idea You must have seen those ads – “What an Idea! Sirji!!” of Abhishek Bachhan and how having a generic phone number ensures that all problems due to differences in caste, sect, religion are removed. Novel way to target and position yourself to the masses indeed.

Come to the streets of Mumbai, there you see a different picture. Idea ads have celebrities declaring proudly, that they have an Idea Mumbai No., and that makes them a Mumbaikar. The niche is well defined and it does have an appeal to it. I consider myself a Mumbaikar, but would I go to the extent of getting an Idea Mumbai No. :-P. But it’s a good ad nonetheless.

So in one case, Idea is seen generalizing their service offering, whereas in the other, the same offering (viz., the phone number that you get) is a way of defining and segregating the masses. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? Kind of like Glocalisation.

6 thoughts on “Idea – Adapting or Confusing?”

  1. Yes. Idea did a winner with this one, but I guess it must not have sold in Mumbai, hence the wannabe Mumbaikar campaign.

  2. Well my problem is these idea ads are just every where! Also the Mumbai wala ad campaign just does not fit in with there overall theme of ads which an Idea can change your life.

  3. @sushrut – Exactly!! I thought the same thing … are they running the risk of a well informed person who has seen both the ads thinking the same thing … I think so! Its like being caught on the wrong foot :)

  4. @raj – no. I dont think so, Raj can have a great following but how many of them would be willing to change their cell phone no.s :-D

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