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  • Data anomalies in Search Console

    In the past 5-6 years or so, a lot of online businesses, especially the ones who are hungry for growth have relied on organic traffic as one of their key sources. Now growth could mean an increase in pure numbers (traffic, sessions, users) … or it could mean an increase in more tangible business parameters […]

  • Life without Google – Gives me the heebie jeebies!

    Life without Google – Gives me the heebie jeebies!

    For all the awesome things that Google does, there are always concerns about privacy, data sharing and access to insane personal information. So much so that there is an interesting site out there in the blue nothing – One Day without Google. This got me thinking. As a collective, we criticize the Search Giant so […]

  • Google Webmasters explains Search Appearance

    This month, Google rolled out a new help feature in their Webmasters tool. If you have been working on your site’s SEO, then probably you know most of this, however, its good to see how Google has nicely summarised this in one helpful page. If you are not completely confident about your SEO fundamentals, then […]

  • The Sunday Dip

    The Sunday Dip

    If you are running a regularly update site over the past year or so (or like me for more than 5 years), then you would be taking a look at Google Analytics every now and then to see how is the traffic on your site doing.

  • Top 5 things you should do after launching a site

    Top 5 things you should do after launching a site

    The top things you need to get setup after you launch your own website. These tips are the foundations on which you can run a very successful site.

  • Demystifying (not provided) Keywords

    Demystifying (not provided) Keywords

    Google has started protecting signed in users by not reporting their search terms, instead we see a (not provided). People have written this off saying that the number is insignificant, in fact you can make use of this nifty little Custom Report to check the impact of how many searches are not reported to you. […]