Happy New Year 2016!

This has been a fairly busy year … for the Ajinkya’s and for the Llamas!

Blog Posts

Ever since 13 Llama Studio has started, I have been paying more attention to the firm and less and less time to this blog. This year, I could only manage 1 post in every 10 days.

That too, because in the initial first months I was voraciously writing articles (an experiment to see how organic traffic is related to content velocity on the site).

A couple of years back, I had managed to do 50+ posts in a year, this year I was able to manage 35 or so posts (that’s including this one). Clearly, this needs to be one of my new year resolutions!

Post more frequently on my own blog, and on 13 Llama’s blog.

Calorie counts

The last part of the year, I started using the Noom Coach app. This is an excellent app which keeps track of how much you eat, and how much you exert.

In the 3 weeks when I started monitoring my activities and my food, I managed to lose 3 kilos. This is pretty impressive. I also managed to find out that I need 1500 calories a day to sustain, and on binge days that number goes to more than double!

Becoming more aware about my health is there on my new years resolutions!

Work is Play

In the second half of 2015, we at 13 Llama Studio decided to start a new arm of doing Digital Marketing for organizations.

Not only have we grown that side of the business, but also we are now certified Google Partner (yes, a badged agency).

The next step on the certifications target for 13 Llama Studio is the Google Analytics Technology Partner, and this becomes my new year resolution.

What this entails is a formal recognition from the search giant about our efforts in this industry as well as a listing of the organization in the certified partners section. Getting this was not an easy task, it took us 4 months to get there, and I am happy (and proud) to work with clients who trusted in us during those times.

Meet the Llamas

The team waxed and waned through the entire year. We touched double digits in the last quarter of this year, and now are back to 9 people with at least 3 new joinees lined up for the next year.

Hope to double our existing size by the end of the next year. This is just a hope and not a resolution :)

Daddy Cool

One area that I sorely regret neglecting is my kids. The amount of time I spend with them is simply not enough.

The coming year, I hope to change that.

Here’s wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!


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