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Dominos goes online

My family loves pizzas, so whenever we spend a lazy holiday, we generally order for them. Unfortunately Pizza Hut does not deliver in my area :-(, and the other niche brands take quite some time do deliver their wares. So we have adjusted our palates to enjoy Dominos. I don’t have anything against Dominos, no […]

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Clone Wars

First came Best Buy. People were happy, they got good deals, saved some money. Good … but meh! Perhaps their launch was before time. Avante Garde. Then came Groupon. A multi-billion dollar valuation, e-commerce 2.0 buzz, social media tongues wagging about. It was the next big thing since the Internet. I guess over a period […]

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Facebook monetizes

Facebook keeps changing its layout, looks, etc ever so slightly and so constantly that most users do not even notice the changes … until it hits them smack on the head. That’s what I like about these FB Apps, revisit the games after 3 months, and the game has also evolved … it has got […]


The e-Commerce conundrum

I walk into a brick and mortar store (say a book store), browse through some books, finally decide on my selections, head to the counter, make the payment and come out a happy customer. All that the vendor needs to do here is – 1. ensure that he is well stocked with books I like […]

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In December 2006, we were working on an e-commerce portal aimed for the B2C segment. It was supposed to rival Amazon in terms of features, experience, technology … a very ambitious project. When doing market research for that project, we tried out many Indian e-commerce sites, actually shopped on some of them, and literally choose […]