The Blue Nothing Digest

The internet is virtually an infinite source of inspiration, great news, stupidity and entertainment. I thought that I might share some gems which are either relevant to me, or which I think you might find interesting.

Oh, in case you are wondering what the heck is Blue Nothing, it’s a term I read in one interesting novel on Social Engineering (and it’s evils). The internet is the Blue Nothing!

  • Aina

    Malhar Ajinkya!! hmm. 
    Send pictures.

    • Well, if he wants, he can go for Malharrao Ajinkya ;-), who was my great grandfather :-), will share on google+

  • Arjun Bakshi

    CONGRATS Prasad!!!
    What is the name of your first kid?
    please post it on facebook too….i’m not on google+:-)

    • Thx Bakshi! First kid: Anasuya, Second: Malhar :-)
      If you want an invite, I can send you one. But Facebook it is!