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  • Life and opportunities post COVID-19

    Life post COVID-19

    How COVID-19 has impacted our day to day lives. Are there any silver outlines to this dark and gloomy sky? Let’s take a look.

  • Zumba : Dance Away to Fitness!

    With changing trends in fitness regime Zumba has become a popular addition all around the world. It is a perfect combination of dance and aerobics. Zumba has definitely put its foothold at many cities with multiple dance academy’s.

  • Bed-ridden

    Last week, I had a massive muscle pull. So much so that I could not get up off the floor. From the floor, I managed to crawl my way to the bed in 90 minutes. The doctor said that I was not supposed to get off the bed for at least a week. Bye bye […]

  • Using games to get better

    So what do you do when you fall ill or are suffering from an ailment? I usually go on a leave, sit at home and nurse (or be nursed) myself back to health. It takes some time, but the leave is a welcome break. I bet many of us do small variations of this. But […]

  • Diabetes

    My father is a diabetic; my grand-father was a diabetic (may god bless his soul); my great-grandfather was also a diabetic. Diabetes is a Y-linked disease – meaning that it gets inherited from father to son. So much for parental legacy :) Diabetes is an incurable disease. That does not mean that once you get […]

  • I’ll take boring

    As a child … and as a teen even … well lets just say the pre-25 years :), I used to love the thrill of life. The excitement of it all … resigning from the job to give the CAT, not knowing what I am going to do next, walking around in the city with […]

  • Pearly whites

    How many of us can boast of teeth like these? The ones that razzle and dazzle the onlooker. I certainly cannot!! In fact, back when I was a b-schooler, I had to perform emergency surgery and get one of my wisdom teeth removed .. the reason – it had rotted away due to some infection. […]