Zumba : Dance Away to Fitness!

With changing trends in fitness regime Zumba has become a popular addition all around the world. It is a perfect combination of dance and aerobics. Zumba has definitely put its foothold at many cities with multiple dance academy’s.

It has become popular not just in female population but there are several male population enrolling for classes. A perfect example was set in my complex, people with similar interest in learning and practicing zumba have started a weekday and weekend an hourly based class.

The classes are conducted by trained Zumba instructor in the facility provided by the society club house. With nominal fees these classes have become very popular.

Not just people who have flexible schedule enjoying the dance form but also the ones with busy lifestyle are making a point to practice an hour of Zumba.

Merits of Zumba

  • Perfect fitness regime for age groups 18 – 45 years.
  • Distinct weight loss noticed
  • Perfect toning of Body
  • Dance form lifts up the spirits since it is a group activity
  • Dedicated allotment of time for fitness
  • Additional advantage of practicing dance with enthusiasm

I have enrolled for the first 12 sessions and within 7 sessions I can genuinely notice changes. I cant thank enough my instructor Mr.Sagar from Arpita Dance Academy for lifting up spirits of my enthusiastic group of Akruti Niharika Complex.

Signing off, I hope this brief proves as an inspiration for the people who want to be part of classes. Don’t hesitate just enroll and enjoy the journey!

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