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  • Moana the movie and Climate change

    Moana the movie and Climate change

    This Christmas eve, we took the kids to watch Moana the movie. As the story unfolded, I realized how relevant it is to the current times.

  • Zumba : Dance Away to Fitness!

    Zumba : Dance Away to Fitness!

    With changing trends in fitness regime Zumba has become a popular addition all around the world. It is a perfect combination of dance and aerobics. Zumba has definitely put its foothold at many cities with multiple dance academy’s.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    To be honest, I don’t on all occasions … but sometimes (based on how serious the conversation is) I do :-) Happy Valentine’s Day Harshaja!!    

  • Off to Coorg

    Off to Coorg

    Writing about my Coorg visit to Club Mahindra’s Kodagu Valley Resort and my first impressions with Coorg.

  • Parenthood

    Signs that you are a new parent Dark circles around your eyes The constant worry that nags at you when your kid is not feeling well You end up loosing your favorite computer game because you were paying more attention to her turning over successfully The lack of privacy … sigh!! You have more energy […]

  • The pram

    Parenthood brings in its own slew of experiences, I won’t talk about the often cited ones like holding your child in your arms and the realization experiences :-). My mama (the marathi kind), gave us a pram for Anasuya. Everyone was excited … the baby was bringing her own entourage. Today, we sat for assembling […]

  • Marriage

    As promised – Some words of wisdom from my better half on the M word. — Hi Friends, I am so glad today to finally write a post on my Hubby’s Blog. Recently seeing him totally out of action (on his blog :P), I decided to enlighten this blog by highlighting certain aspects of MARRIAGE. […]