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My father is a diabetic; my grand-father was a diabetic (may god bless his soul); my great-grandfather was also a diabetic. Diabetes is a Y-linked disease – meaning that it gets inherited from father to son. So much for parental legacy :)

Diabetes is an incurable disease. That does not mean that once you get it you are doomed … no, certainly not. The day my father was diagnosed with diabetes, my mother started learning more and more about the same. She was smart enough to educate us as well. Well, hope some of you benefit from this post as I did from my mother’s admonitions.

What’s this? – Diabetes mellitus refers to the group of diseases that lead to high blood glucose levels due to defects in either insulin secretion or insulin action.

So? – So, that means blood sugar levels go through the roof, increasing your chronic exposure. In short, if not taken proper care … you are in deep shit.

Why Me? – It’s hereditary, so you cannot escape it if its in your genes. Might as well embrace it and understand how to control your sugar levels.

Now what? – Worry naught. The entire secret is in controlling your sugar levels (the implicit ones and the explicit ones as well). With explicit, I mean the intake of sugar and sweet substances; implicit are those which are finally broken down into sugar – oil being one of the major stakeholders. Monitor those sugar levels judiciously, reduce the oil intake you eat.

Change your oil especially if you eats Saffola or Sunflower (these two brands are a strict no-no). They advertise to be healthy oils, but frankly speaking, they are not!! Would recommend changing to olive oil (too expensive for some) or mustard oil (too smelly for some), well if you don’t like these, then groundnut oil will do as well.

Exercise is also good, I am not saying heavy gym work-outs. Simple half an hour to one hour walks every day would do you good. Establish a routine. Normal life helps get your health back on track.

Eating certain items also help – 1 walnut a day, home-made ghee (sajuk tup), flax-seed (alshi), fish (halwa, bangda, surmai). All of these contain a chemical called as Omega-3 fatty acids. These help the body combat sugar levels.

Here’s looking at a healthier, happier and stress-free life.

10 thoughts on “Diabetes”

  1. ground nut is not advisable. It is responsible for cholestrol increase hence Olive is the best option, even mustard.

    Also, Diabetes is caused by the inability of beta cells to recognize insulin levels in blood, which leads to increased sugar levels.

    For a diabetic, its best have a controlled intake of sugar, (as already mentioned by you) as it can also lead to malfunctioning of other organs. There are medicines available but most have some or the other side effect. Most common of all being pedal edema which is swelling of the foot.

    So much for advertising for a brand that prevents diabetes!

    Thank you for sharing this with the world. Prevention is the best cure! Cheers!

  2. @Baba – I know bro. I was surprised to find that a lot of my friends share similar legacy.
    @LC – Unrefined groundnut oil is good. Thanks for sharing your info. on this as well!! Cheers!

  3. Hi P

    Diabetes is also on my “Most Unwanted List”. Dad, Mom and elder Sis have got it.

    So, am on my toes to keep ahead of it. Literally.

    Diet is incredibly important. But just as important is exercise.

    The end result being, an Abdominal Girth under control.

    There is a high correlation, between above average AG and Heart Diseases/Diabetes.

    Meditation, being positive and active.. also go a long way in a trouble free life(at least you don’t realize you have troubles..)


  4. Hi Raj! Good to see you around here :). Thanks for these tips, yes meditation helps a lot!! Abdominal girth is a current concern these days!!

  5. Good tips. Will send this out to a diabetic friend. Unfortunately most diabetics just don’t seem to be able to follow any of these.

  6. @Abid – Thanks dude, these tips are fairly simple, a little bit of nagging a day and it works!!

    @Rajat – Nice read!!

  7. Kidakaka same here my Father is Diabetic and great-grandfather was Diabetic.

    in some cases patient becomes Mantle strange! just cause of Diabetics. :(

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