Pearly whites

teeth How many of us can boast of teeth like these? The ones that razzle and dazzle the onlooker. I certainly cannot!! In fact, back when I was a b-schooler, I had to perform emergency surgery and get one of my wisdom teeth removed .. the reason – it had rotted away due to some infection. Mea culpa. I had not paid enough attention to my pearly whites. Till that point of time, I had not bothered to visit a dentist.

Life has its set of ironies for everyone, my fiance for instance is a dentist :-)

One day I was having a talk with Harshaja about the dental awareness and her work in general. It struck me that the awareness levels of dental health are pretty much low in India. Until and unless its not a major problem or an infection, people do not wish to go to the dentist. A lot of Harshu’s clientele are actors and actresses who want to have that perfect smile (with that glint *ting* sparkle as well). I considered them vain, but in the long run these very people are going to end up having better teeth than moi. Since they are more aware about what a dentist can do, I am blissfully unaware. Did you know for instance, that they can whiten your teeth?? Absolving you of all those cigarettes smoked, coffees/teas drunk … how awesome is that!\

So how many of you do brush their teeth before you hit the sack?

On a funny tone, have you listened to the song from Dr. Alban – Go see the dentist, and he will say open your mouth … :)

6 thoughts on “Pearly whites”

  1. Does using mouthwash in the night count? :-)

    But you are true, dental hygiene is more than just brushing the teeth once a day. Periodic visits to the dentists are a common thing in US. We, Indians, don’t think of plaque as something worth the hassle.

    BTW, next time I come to India, I better not have to make an appointment – walk-ins are allowed!! :D

  2. Yeah sure! Just dont expect a dental examination in my house, you will have to go to the clinic :-P. BTW, the first time I met her I took an appointment two weeks in advance :-D

  3. Hmmm i m reading this post quite late..but i must say u have actually made a mark for Dental Awareness..thanks dear.

  4. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth for about 2-3 days. Have had only some visits to the Dentist, for some filling in one of my tooth. But yes, Dental Hygiene is important. The Reader’s Digest did some study recently which claimed that The Dentist may be the most important doctor for a person. Many diseases can be prevented by a regular visit to the dentist.

  5. @raj – I hope you are exaggerating. I know its hostel life, but wow dude!!

    @ashish – Yes, skirted the issue very nicely. Smart one, aint she :-)

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