I’ll take boring

image As a child … and as a teen even … well lets just say the pre-25 years :), I used to love the thrill of life. The excitement of it all … resigning from the job to give the CAT, not knowing what I am going to do next, walking around in the city with friends … carefree, without a care in the world. The one thing I looked down upon despised, was the normal, routine rote of a life that my folks and all the 40 something’s were following. How boring!! How can one live a life knowing ahead their every move?

I then touched 25. Finished by Post Graduation. Got a job. Welcome to the real world Neo.

With my risk appetite going down every coming year, and with my blood pressure going up, it becomes a necessity to know these things. To follow the simplicity of a routine. No surprises. Give me my daal-roti and I will gladly leave the Chicken Makhanwalla’s of the restaurants. Yeah … I would love having a normal, boring life for once. We as human beings are constantly striving to achieve that normalcy … and so few of us actually manage to achieve it. As Fido Dido would have you believe … Normal is boring .. hey give me boring, and let me be :-)

9 thoughts on “I’ll take boring”

  1. Oh so much like a droopy dog!

    Normal is boring… yeah it is. But spicing up your normal life isn’t that difficult. May be you need to be a sales guy to keep that mad adrenalin rush going over and over again. :-)

    For us, routine is no less adventurous. And these days I spice it even more by appearing for job interviews, grilling those grey haired pomps and screwing things up. He he… Life’s good.

  2. Kida – I want you to read “Losing my Virginity”, “Business Stripped Bare” or the smaller “Screw it! Let’s do it!” ( take your pick!) by Richard Branson.

    Let’s discuss it once you read it. It will give you all your lost ‘barood’ back ;)

  3. @mayur – hmmm … I should take some feathers out of your furry hat my friend :)

    @Biggie – The question at hand that worries me is .. do I want my ‘barood’ back :-)) … or am I better of with rote!?! I will read it though.

  4. So, you grew up??
    Its part of a life – you hate your parent’s lifestyle and you end up being them really soon! :-)

  5. @Biggie – The sword is waiting for the right enemy to slay :)

    @Ashish – Ill take that as a compliment :-D … but life mein fun hona jaroori hain na?

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