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  • The referral spam bots are now from Saint Petersburg

    I had written in the past about discovering the Samara Oblast bots. For those of you who are unaware, just quickly check in your Google Analytics, in the Audience reports section the Location report. If you are receiving a bunch of traffic from Russia, then it’s most likely spammy traffic. This traffic will never convert […]

  • Are Interstitial Ads “successful” due to fat-fingers?

    Are Interstitial Ads “successful” due to fat-fingers?

    Folks who have worked in launching mobile marketing campaigns would be familiar with the term Interstitial Ads. What are Interstitial Ads? Those pesky ads which take up the entire screen space in the middle of an app or a website. Yes, the ones which block the content underneath and make you click on the small […]

  • Confessions of an Ambush Marketer

    Dear Internet Surfer, I have sinned. Ever since I have found about HTML forms and Emailing systems, I have been lurking around in web-pages awaiting to spring that form on you When I found about javascript and the onLoad event, I welcome you to my pages and bidded for my time. The time to spring […]