Party De with the Fugay Family

For some reason, this song has just stuck in my mind on a loop this morning! I mean, it’s got a catchy rhythm and all. However, the term┬áparty de is such an intrinsic theme between college friends, especially within Maharashtrians, that creating a cultural meme out of this term makes sense. I remember as a […]

Personal Work

My plunge into Start-ups

This brilliant Ad about how Housing created it’s logo takes me back by almost a decade. The video itself has a nice peppy feel to it, and then there is hope … hope and enthusiasm of starting something afresh.

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Information markets in Third World Economies

One of the great things that attracts investor capital is the ability of third world countries to show double digit growth. This story of almost all developing nations mean a scope for investments for other organizations present world-wide. Various countries have different economic policies, such as the open policy by China to attract huge FDI, […]


Sex in Advertising

If you have seen the latest GoDaddy Ads, then you will understand what I am talking about. I had posted this great Ad from BMW which uses sex but pulls it off quite nicely. Having said that, now take a look at the GoDaddy Ads – How the massage, and the masseuse stripping off to […]

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Why this Kolaveri Di?

I am sure that by now most of you have heard of this song. If you haven’t yet heard the song, then do give this video a look-see – ´╗┐ There is a huge hype around this song, for a multitude of reasons – It’s written and sung by the son-in-law of Rajnikanth The main […]


Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution

Eagerly awaiting this game among others :) … thanks to Satyabhat for bring this to my attention