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  • Resume Gaffes

    Resume Gaffes

    A couple of years back I had posted about some of the idiotic things that people write in their CVs. Lessons were not learnt it seems … till date we see thousands of such resumes with grammatical mistakes. If you have a grammar nazi for an HR team (and yes, we do) … then your […]

  • CV Gaffes

    We are hiring, and are screening resumes of different candidates for interviews. Some of the resumes that we came across are hilarious and I thought I might take the liberty of sharing it here (I am not disclosing the identity of the people, but if your CV does contain a line or two from these […]

  • Resume tips: Putting the right foot forward

    We always keep talking about customizing one’s resume to match the job we are targeting. In order to understand this better, I posted a question on the HR forums on LinkedIn. Findings as follows – If you are a Fresher Focus on projects and seminars, do your homework on these parts Do not forget your […]