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  • Financial Services: A sunrise sector

    In any developing economy, the one thing that’s always on the rise is the GDP, the expenditures and yes, the expendable income available with an individual. Over a period of time, the same individual realises that keeping money in the bank is the same as wasting that money away. This is due to the high […]

  • We are hiring!

    At Neev Knowledge Management, the focus is on growth. When the market you are addressing is fragmented with individuals and companies who have yet to make a mark, there is a requirement of good hands on deck who can ensure that the clear market leader is the organization they work for. As their toil brings […]

  • Resume tips: Putting the right foot forward

    We always keep talking about customizing one’s resume to match the job we are targeting. In order to understand this better, I posted a question on the HR forums on LinkedIn. Findings as follows – If you are a Fresher Focus on projects and seminars, do your homework on these parts Do not forget your […]