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This is a little late publishing this post (it should have been 2 years back), however, my appreciation of this map has improved, and I thought it would be a good time to talk about the Gartner Digital Marketing Map.



Mumbaikars, dont go astray Keep your fears at bay Life is going to continue the same way Keep the faith and pray Be it bombs be it grenade For an aam aadmi these are all a charade We wont treat it as a tirade In the walk of life we parade We toil and we […]



the difference between a smile and a frown you can see when the chips are down what sets the winners and whiners apart is that winners have got heart

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Your heart beats a pace too quick Sweat on your body a sheen too slick Tension in the air can be cut as thick That’s what it feels to panic

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In life there are many ups and downs Don’t let’ em weigh you down an ounce A smile on your face will take out the frowns Remember, all you have to do is bounce

Funny Movies

Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Movie night at my place in Hyderabad, always sees us roomies get together in my room, and watch one of the movies. Yesterday was one such day, we were determined to watch a movie, but could not decide on which. Diptesh wanted to see Hancock, I wanted to see AVP2, Jay was pretty much okay […]



Something to welcome the week, an ode by yours truly. Of blues and unpaid dues, Of illegitimate taxes and ignored faxes, I do not welcome it, I do not love it, Oh!! It certainly tis not a fun day, But here comes a Monday!!