Mumbaikars, dont go astray
Keep your fears at bay
Life is going to continue the same way
Keep the faith and pray

Be it bombs be it grenade
For an aam aadmi these are all a charade
We wont treat it as a tirade
In the walk of life we parade

We toil and we fawn
From the dusk till dawn
Come what may
Life will still go on

9 thoughts on “Mumbai”

  1. “Be it bombs be it grenade
    For an aam aadmi these are all a charade”

    Tell that to the aad aadmi who loses a limb or a family member in these blasts.

    Don’t downplay the impact of the attacks. I understand the never-say-die attitude of the Indian middle class and Mumbai junta, and I’m mighty proud of it, but aren’t we becoming immune to all this and are taking it for granted here?

  2. @Amit – Do not misconstrue my words.

    So do you mean to tell me, that Mumbai will come to a stand-still because of this act? No, it cant … your common man cannot afford to stand and weep.

    I am not downplaying the impact, I have a home there … I have family in those areas. In fact my muasaji was witness to one scene at Electric house. If terrorists think that they can break the city’s spirit by this, they are way off. We should be immune, and we should find those bastards and give it back to them.

  3. Prasad, I do not have any doubts about your intent. Just that the two lines come across as a message to the common man that these attacks don’t matter to him and are all a farce.

    Just a language issue.

  4. Your poetic license is sounding morbid. Indeed life goes on… but is that the way it intends to go? We are lucky not to be counted amongst the dead. Can we just keep touting the spirit of Mumbai and get back to business?

    No way! Its time to give them back. I have now lost complete faith in ATS, NSG or whatever bodies the government might have floated. They have proven they are no good. For now on… if I have to live, I need to put together a defense myself.

  5. Prasad Prasad oh my dude
    I’d try and not be rude,

    Life shouldn’t be a shame
    When they play that game

    Bcoz Tolerance ain’t a bliss
    When Terrorism gives a kiss

    Get up and flay
    Coz you ain’t a gay

  6. @Mayur – what else do we do bro? :-) … lets be realistic here

    @abhishek – nice words on pray, whom to flay tell pray? … as a common man what am i to do, but cry out loud and ado??

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