Tag: infographics

  • How Re-marketing Works

    I wanted to explain to a set of interns how remarketing in Adwords worked. An hour later, I realized that had I chanced upon this infographic by Google earlier, it would have saved my time!

  • Google Analytics launches one more course

      Google Analytics blog came out with a brilliant new post which every marketer should read. This at the same time when they launched their new course and a shiny new infographic to go alongside. I have included the infographic on this blog, however do follow the link, it should convince you to sign-up for […]

  • Ubuntu completes 9 Years

    OMG Ubuntu released this beautiful infographic, which talks about the history of Ubuntu … I have literally grown (yes, even my waist) as a person when working with Ubuntu. Here’s a look back at the history of Ubuntu. I have been using Ubuntu since 2004, when I only used to flirt with Linux. What tickled […]

  • Why Gaming is Good for you

    I should show this to my wife, and to all the other married gamers out there!

  • Visual.ly now supports Google Analytics data

      I love infographics. The way they break out data into beautiful little pictures and help you understand their impact is excellent. However, it can take a fair bit of efforts to create an infographic … believe me, I have tried and used multiple tools to do this. If you are thinking of doing those […]

  • Education in China

    An infographic about Education in China and how it compares to that in the United States.