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  • UK Government and its forced IE6 use

    As a developing country, we often take a look at how are some of the infrastructure problems handled by the developed nations. In fact in most of these cases, we end up emulating them … the western culture, the accents, the products … we are more than happy to borrow from our western brothers … […]

  • Recycling Registries

    For those of you who have dared to lift the hood on your Windows OS (98, XP, 2000 and other modern variants) would be more than familiar on the very popular registry editor that comes bundled with Windows – regedit.exe.

  • Bing eyes Desktop Search Market

    Bing eyes Desktop Search Market

    Microsoft’s search engine is one of the lesser known search engines on the web. With lesser known I mean that its far behind in terms of market share with respect to the market leader – Google. One thing that seems to be working in their favour though, is the So.cl is doing better than G+. […]

  • Having the cake and eating it too?

    Some display bug with the Solitaire of WinXP.