Recycling Registries

For those of you who have dared to lift the hood on your Windows OS (98, XP, 2000 and other modern variants) would be more than familiar on the very popular registry editor that comes bundled with Windows – regedit.exe.

As a system administrator in my b-school, I had quickly learnt that some of the easiest solutions lied in the registry of the malfunctioning machine. If you can efficiently clean the registry, then your machine will run faster. Don’t believe me? Windows systems have a half-life period – which measures the logarithmic degradation of the operation system. The longer you use it, the slower it gets (e.g WinXP has a half-life period of 9 months).

This is because of errant installs and uninstall and, software storing application preferences. Over a period of time this gets retained in your registry as junk entries, and its very difficult to recycle this junk manually. Did you know that more than 90% of the problems that you see with your PC are because of this? An inability to recycle your registry!

Well, the good part is that there are solutions, registry cleaners like this nifty little tool here. What tools like Simplitec do is, clean the registry, protect it from infections (since this is the easiest way to infect a machine), and optimize the registry so that the machine runs faster. Small business should definitely purchase software such as these because they are one of the main targets of malicious entities.

Investing a bit in your own infrastructure does not cost the sky and ensures that your hardware assets are running at optimum levels. Not to mention the peace of mind of having a more secure system.

In case if your administrator is not well versed with Windows registry, then he might as well be armed with such a software so that he can easily repair registries!

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