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  • Moana the movie and Climate change

    Moana the movie

    This Christmas eve, we took the kids to watch Moana the movie. As the story unfolded, I realized how relevant it is to the current times.

  • Creating a safe working place for Employees

    I read about the recent Julie Horvath issue which is out there on the internet, and thought that I might share some of my experiences on this topic. In case if you are not familiar with the Julie Horvath issue, Google it, or simply head over to TechCrunch who gave Julie’s side of the story. […]

  • Earth Day 2013

    So apart from shutting down your computer and goofing off for one hour, what green activity are you going to do on Earth Day 2013?

  • About going Green

    Going Green

    When I was a toddler I spent my days in Parel (or Lower Parel as some of you now would know this are), my grandfather (god bless his soul) who was the dean of the only veterinary college in Mumbai was given a huge facility for his family to stay in. This included a research […]

  • Tsunamika and Small steps

    Remember I was ranting about Co-ordinate geometry and changing communities? Well, in case you have’nt, here is the link. Well here’s a nice example that is changing the society. And it is being done bit by bit, vector by vector :-) Today we had gone to my Maami’s place. She gave us this cute little […]

  • Do you really need that?

    That is the question you should be asking yourself whenever you are about to buy something. If you are not clear then, check out this site. The content is presented by Anne Leonard, who manages to deliver the message so clearly and logically; it’s a shame that we did not notice it earlier. We Indians […]