As promised – Some words of wisdom from my better half on the M word.

Hi Friends,

I am so glad today to finally write a post on my Hubby’s Blog. Recently seeing him totally out of action (on his blog :P), I decided to enlighten this blog by highlighting certain aspects of MARRIAGE.

Life after marriage changes; alteast to an extent. Well one always find guys complaining more than gals. I feel its equal for each of them. I am sure most of you reading this post have already found their life partner/looking for a life partner/ thinking whether to climb the huge cliff (tie a knot). If you and your partner compile the 3C’s i.e Compatibility, Connection and Chemistry then surely you both are ready to tie the knot.

“Marriages are made in Heaven” – a very famous phrase … most of the bachelors/singletons say, “What crap? If they are made in Heaven then there would be no divorce.”

Even before marriage or rather before dating Kidakaka :) I felt the same, this so called Idealistic phrase was a crap. Within a year my notions about this completely changes and now actually I am a believer.

Logically if you apply your mind how many guys/gals you have dated have actually clicked, the odds of finding the right person and selecting is really a difficult task.. Ask you friends who are going through trouble of meeting their opposites for an arranged wedding.

On top of that we also have different cultures in India which also play an important variant, different professions, hectic lives and varied interests. Ok Ok! the list just goes on; finding the ONE after so many odds is (PHEW!) definitely a difficult task. So really If any two people click and decide to get married then i must say “unki jodi baghwan ne banai hai :P”

Think about it and if you have someone in your life who does make a difference/rather if you feel he/she is the one for you ..go ahead and say it..before someone else does :P COMPETITION YOU SEE !!!!

So after all thsi Gyan heres KIDAKAKI signing off..bye have great year friends!!!

Some of you really needed this – I wont name who :-)

10 thoughts on “Marriage”

  1. Kidakaki, great to hear that you are enjoying the married life! Your words are true I guess, nothing’s better in life than having a loving-n-caring partner…
    All the best. Wishes…

  2. “he 3C’s i.e Compatibility, Connection and Chemistry”

    Hey she talks like MBAs!!!

    Kida, is this your influence, or is it a reason for a C – compatibility?

    You guys would be having a blast during conversations ;)

  3. @LC – Thats what I keep telling her ya :)
    @Archana – It comes natural to us .. life ke funde dena :)

  4. @ sharma – kida and kaki having blast during conversations…
    hahahhaha :D

    kida, ask her the question – what is strategy? do enlighten us with the answer…

  5. Hail the Kaka and the Kaki :-)

    Congratulations and best wises for a happy married life.

    PS: If Kidakaka was out of action (on his blog), then where was all the action happening :-P

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